Hi, I‘m kim

I help you get clarity and build a plan for the future, creating a brand with marketing systems that work

+15 years
of experience

Business is in my blood. I’ve worked in many across my career including major corporations, newspapers, a business chamber, and my own business. I am a Post-grad qualified Marketer,  business planner/consultant and have worked from small business right up to multi-million dollar enterprises.

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How I can help you

Unravel from the overwhelm

I know, first-hand, how overwhelming life and business can be. Stress can make you sick. It took me a long time to unravel and I learned a lot in the process. Let me help you rise again.

Build business relationships

You can rewrite your future through the company you keep. Period. Let me show you how and guide you through the process of creating a system that attracts ideal people to you.

Keep you moving forward

Get help with your business, I help you get clarity and build a plan for the future creating a brand with marketing systems that work. Personalise your user experience so that customers keep coming back.

Why Am I Qualified To Do This Work?

I ran my own mentoring and networking organisation, Network Central, for 16 years before acquisition in 2015.  I’ve trained, written and spoken about networks & personal branding for over 15 years. I transform how people define themselves, build networks & connect communities.

Master of Marketing 1994 - 2020

Certified Executive Coach (CIECL) 2023

I'm here to help you take a breath, truly think about what you want and where you are going. Together we will build a robust action plan to reach your goals and new develop connection skills to make it all easy.

Since the Internet we have become hyper connected but disconnected. We hide behind a screen and barely make eye-contact with strangers. We rely on Google and Netflix to tell us what we should watch or who we should listen to. The algorithm is trained on our past, not our future. Do you know what it is that you actually want from life? Are you on track or veering off the proverbial cliff because you are letting others dictate your next steps?

I have seen people get caught up in the busy-ness of screen-based overload, live faster lives and get more and more dis-connected as time goes on. Often they don’t realise this is happening until it is too late. I see more lonely young people than ever before and read about suicide way more often than is comfortable.  Our energetic connection with those around us and the greater community are like mycelium to trees, we cannot let it erode or we will all suffer.

This is urgent work and is my life’s work.
I am on this planet to help people connect. Simple.

Relationships are key in life… It’s all about who you know! I was very fortunate to meet Kim McGuinness through her networking and mentoring work and it has been a blessing to receive her guidance. She has incredible experience, deep knowledge and a true passion for helping people connect, learn and share. I truly admire her authenticity, genuine care for others and ambition. She knows how to nurture her relationships and she guides others to do the same. With Kim’s support, I have grown a strong and reliable network which has become a source of personal and professional development. I’m very grateful for her support and I would highly recommend her work.

Kim Larochelle

General Manager, The Helmsmann Project

Over recent months, Kim has helped me transform my business into a vital service and powerful tool for East/West and Asia-focused businesses. Her coaching really hit the mark, and helped me enormously. Kim has a wealth of experience, so all her suggestions were helpful. It was so reassuring to work with someone so professional – I was no longer wasting time or effort on things that weren’t important. She is also very empathetic – her advice was just right for me, for my goals, for my business. Kim is an inspirational leader, mentor, coach and business woman. She is totally professional, much respected. She is also generous and caring – such rare qualities for a successful entrepreneur.

Claire Pisani

Director, Culture Confidence

A few fun moments:

Network Central

At Network Central we ran three live events in two states, two webinars and one workshop every month. We also ran a mentoring program every year for up to 25 pairs and a number of special ad-hoc events including member lunches and Christmas events. Running this network was pure joy and the people within it were nothing short of superstars. It was a bittersweet moment releasing this beauty to her new custodians on her 16th birthday but she had grown up and it was time for me to move on.

Marketing Campaigns

I worked on the launch of the Australian Made campaign with its famous green and gold logo as well as the training program for the introduction of GST. I also loved managing the NSW500 conference that researched and brought together the founders of the top 500 private companies in NSW.

Speaking & Training

I’ve done a lot of speaking and training about networks, personal branding, leadership and resilience over the years. I’ve enjoyed working with many schools, associations and businesses such as KPMG,  NRMA, Westpac, The Property Council, Macquarie University, Women in Strata, Women in Politics, Dept of State and Regional Development, and many others.

We have supported many wonderful charities such as the National Breast Cancer Foundation, World Vision, RSPCA, Lifeline Darling Downs, Animals Australia, Mission Australia and Plan Australia. I’ve also sat on a bunch of awards panels over the years and a couple of advisory boards.

Interesting fact about me...

I watched mum rise rapidly through the corporate ranks due to her intelligence but also her ability to network and manage people. Here is a woman who migrated to Australia with her parents from Denmark at 15 years of age. Having to leave her life as a promising opera singer, all her friends, and the only place she had ever known, she arrived in Australia and was sent to work at Qantas in the statistics department. Mum never finished school but through hard work, determination and an ability to listen and build relationships she ended up one of the first female CFOs in Australia. She's always being an inspiration in my life!

Thank you for being here, I'm looking forward to connecting with you soon!