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I teach individuals and  business owners how to get crystal clear and build a robust personal and business brand by using intention and networking.

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Overwhelm is a productivity killer and prevents you from moving forward. Often the barriers to fulfillment are the ones you can’t see. Get a clear purpose through deep exploration, unwavering support, accountability, and remove the blocks that hinder your success.

Personal Coaching

A bespoke experience tailored to your individual needs that gives you clarity, gets you connected and gives you confidence to reach your full potential.

Business Consulting

Pure focus on your business for a year, harnessing diverse and deep experience, contacts and expertise. Imagine where that could take you?

Public Speaking

Learn how to get clear on your future path and goals, build an aligned network with purpose and create a meaningful community.

Angela Farmeary

Director, Mindful Careers

Kim is an absolute mine of information and has been so helpful and generous with her ideas and suggestions. For me personally, it is really motivating to have someone like Kim in my “tribe” who can offer so much insight into all things digital marketing, networking and branding.

Julianne Dowling

Director, Asset PR Pty Ltd

In the past months, Kim has been helping refine my business vision and business development strategies, and I’m really appreciating the insight and value she has already added to our business and for our media skills training package. Sometimes, it takes an outsider to really provide clarity on what needs to happen and how! Thank you Kim, your mentorship rocks!

Debra Sinclair

Director, Liquid Mango Consulting Pty Ltd

I’m loving your Networking course. Such valuable information. The program has highlighted areas I’m working on now to further improve and develop. I really enjoyed the Master Plan lesson and the workbook is incredibly powerful for developing a successful networking strategy.

Nice to meet you!

I work with business owners to build a strong foundation from which business can grow. Together, we unravel the overwhelm to reveal your true identity and brand voice. We build a solid plan, compelling offer and the right network for both you and the business, without the hustle and feeling like a fraud. We build your brand and asset library so that you never have to fumble for words or clients again.

Throughout my career I have worked with thousands of companies and had deep insight into well over 500, from micro businesses to global firms. I treasure the uniqueness and brilliance of each one and the humans who work within them. I bring lessons from all of them into my work today.

I am also highly intuitive and am known for cutting through the narrative and seeing the gold in people, businesses and ideas. I know I can help you gain clarity and move forward, and I’m honest enough to tell you when I can’t. You and your business deserve the very best foundation from which to grow and I’d love to help you build that. Click the link below and let’s have a conversation.

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"Spotto!" my daughter screams at the top of her lungs as we round the corner. Sure


Like it or not, you have a reputation. A personal one and a professional one. All


Use every letter you write,Every conversation you have,Every meeting you attend,To express your fundamental beliefs and


“We must catch up for coffee” is often the parting phrase at the end of networking

You have all the answers - let me help you find them.

Know exactly what to say at every opportunity. Understand the science of how networks really work (it’s not what you think) and rewrite your future through the company you keep.