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No leader can afford to be coach-less any more. Let me help you bring out your best by asking the right questions to unlock the insights you need.



Strategy research and development, working with the founder or SLT to build dynamic plans that inspire engagement, action and accountability.



Keynotes, workshops and interviews around conscious connection, building networks, community, and stakeholder networks.



Advisor to startups and founders making the shift from founder to CEO. Upgrading networks, processes and thinking.

The power of your connections dictates the future for you and your company.





About Me

Hi, I’m Kim. I help you get out of your own way and connect to your work, yourself and the network you need so that you can build the future you want.

I’ve seen both sides of the fence, corporate and small business, multiple times and from many different angles.

Throughout my career I have worked with thousands of companies and had deep insight into well over 500, from micro businesses to multi-national firms. I treasure the uniqueness and brilliance of each one and the humans who work within them. I bring lessons from all of them into my work today.

I am also highly intuitive and am known for cutting through the BS and seeing the gold in people, teams, businesses and ideas. I know I can help you gain clarity and move forward, and I’m honest enough to tell you when I can’t. You and your business deserve the very best foundation from which to grow and I’d love to help you build that. Click the link below and let’s have a conversation.

Some nice words …

No, I’m not going to put another photo of me smiling into the camera here. This isn’t about me – it’s about you and grabbing your future with both hands.

You’ve heard the saying we are who we surround ourselves with so when is the right time for you to surround yourself with the right people?

Now seems like a good time.

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